What I do

I develop custom software for you, your small business or your big company.

It is a fact that without control it's impossible to manage, improve processes or cut costs. That's why it is so important to have capable systems to help you and your employees to make the best decisions. Excel spreadsheets are useful, but wouldn't it be better to have a Web system, responsive and with accessible information wherever you are?

I work with 3 models

  1. Your software, your server
    • Pros: the code is yours and it's a unique payment.
    • Cons: worry about maintenance and server managament, besides it is more expensive than the other models.
  2. Your software, my server
    • Pros: code is yours and you don't worry about server maintenance.
    • Cons: monthly fee for server maintenance.
  3. Software as a Service (recommended for small budgets)
    • Pro: cheapest option besided you don't worry about server maintenance.
    • Cons: no access to the code

Prices and conditions depends on each case. Why don't you make a quotation?


Orbiter Engenharia & Consultoria access

Orbiter is a consulting, engineering and project design company. Integrates a large amount of specialized services in the area of ​​telecommunications.

Academia do Código access

Online programming course with a modern learning environment, easing the students learning process.

Aprimorha access

Innovative and motivator company on the outplacement and professional guidance market.

Dropigee access

New York based company, focused on removing complexity out of file storage and global CDN.

"Eu quase que nada não sei. Mas desconfio de muita coisa."

Guimarães Rosa